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Aesthetic Ridge Augmentation

Longer teeth or exposed tooth roots can look unsightly. They can also increase your sensitivity to heat, cold or sweets. In some cases, gum tissue can be placed in these areas.

Procedure: The periodontist administers a local anesthetic, gently prepares the area and then places a gum tissue graft.

Soft Tissue Grafting
Recession with abundant attached gingiva adjacent on both sides
An incision is made to create a pocket.
The connective tissue graft is inserted into the newly created space.
The graft is positioned to cover the recession with some excess.
An Additional suture can be placed to stabilize the graft and prevent movement.
The area heals and the connective tissue is covered with attached gingiva.
In approximately 6 weeks, the tissue begins to look uniform.


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A key to dental implant safety and success is advanced radiography. A CT scan we can be sure that every precaution has been taken.

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Dr. Hollander is a periodontist in Novato, CA who specializes in dental implants and in treating periodontal disease.
He also services the surrounding areas of San Francisco, San Raphael and San Anselmo.
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